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The wrong approach to branding can lead to you missing out on tens of thousands of dollars of every month. Don’t let that happen to you.

In previous years,
we’ve helped our clients generate more than $1,939,000 in yearly turnover.

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About us.

Hi, my name’s Daniel and I’m the visionary head and proud co-owner here @3Designs. I am a professional, hard-working, and detail-oriented brand developer with years of experience in the real world. My career began as an entrepreneur at the age of 18, working in the IT industry. Over the last 17 years, I’ve been a part of many interesting business ventures, running and helping businesses in industries including hospitality, automotive accessories, IT, photography and many more. In the last 6 years I focused on the, probably, most important part of any business: BRANDING. In all those years I learned a lot and now I want to help other business owners to be successful from the beginning on without the steep learning curve i had to experience.

In 2010, I teamed up with my business partner Patrick who is a senior finance executive with extensive financial, commercial and business experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, international distribution, professional services & project management. His proven ability to leverage financial and commercial acumen to formulate, articulate and bring to fruition cost management and revenue optimisation initiatives that deliver measurable improvements and drive business performance is a perfect addition to my creative mindset to help other businesses to be successful.

Having experienced plenty of success and some failures, we’ve experienced the ups and downs of business and learned from mistakes in the process. We’re a firm believer in the idea that failing offers a chance to learn and improve going forward. Over the years we’ve worked with lots of creative and professional individuals from around the globe. This has enabled us to create the best services possible for clients and we’re proud to have them on our team.

What we can do for you.

Fueled by curiosity and creativity, we work tirelessly to discover the unique purpose and passion at the heart of your brand, then we imagine and build captivating ways to express it. We go above and beyond to add value to your business by delivering innovative solutions that make your brand better known, better understood, and truly unique.


Brand Strategy

We lead strategic ideation across a wide range of topics. We help you to find the right way for your brand or product to excel in th future and how to positioning your brand on the market.


Brand Audit

Using our checkpoint system. we are able to deep dive into your business to diagnose issues, recommend solutions, look for future red flags, and uncover opportunities for growth.


Brand Identity

As brand experts, we'll work with you all the way from brand inception to established brand refreshes. We'll help tell your unique story, create a new name, and design a scalable brand identity and art direction to position your brand for success.


Product Development

We drive every phase of product development, from future-trend identification, to new-product inception, to existing product innovation and stretch.


Website Design & Development

We build engaging online sales and marketing web solutions that drive user engagement and conversions. We lead digital execution through every stage, from strategic ideation to UX, design, and development.


Marketing & Comunication

Using digital and traditional marketing channels, we help you identify, engage, and build relationships with your customers. Our data-driven strategies and techniques boost consumer engagement, raise brand visibility, and drive conversions (ROI).


Business Financials & Structure

We have decades of financial structuring and tax experience and often misaligned structures and insufficient financial control lead to challenges down the road. We use our experience to help you having the right structure for your business so that when you plan to exit, raise capital or just reap the rewards of your hard work, your business structure serves you.For your day to day operations we ensure you can keep control over your finances and can proactively drive your business to success.


Grants & Finance Assistance

Sometimes a great idea doesn't make it just because the financial resources are not there. Other times some online finance providers sell a business loan which comes with exorbitant interest rates (30% plus is common) without properly disclosing them. We help you navigate this maze as well as identifying and applying for government assistance if available.

Lets transform your brand to the greatness it deserves.

Why we’re the best fit for you

So, why are we the best fit for you? Our team is full of experienced business owners, so we not only pay attention to the branding basics such as colors, logos and tone of voice but also the return on investment issues you care about. We know what it takes to run a business and how tough it can be on a day to day basis. We’ll find the right approach that allows you to improve sales and keep costs down. We know that passionate beliefs fuel strong brands.

By learning about the core values of your brand and its purpose, we can take steps to position your brand in a way that makes it able to build deeper emotional relationships. We reject complicated hierarchies and the superstar creative-centric approach that’s been proven to fail. Rather than wasting your time with excessive project timescales, we get to the heart of the matter and keep things streamlined. We’ve developed a strong system for helping brands and the best customer experiences while doing it faster than other agencies.



When branding or rebranding your company, our mission is to help you boost your reputation and sales within a matter of months rather than years.



When branding or rebranding your company, our mission is to help you boost your reputation and sales within a matter of months rather than years.



When branding or rebranding your company, our mission is to help you boost your reputation and sales within a matter of months rather than years.

We promise,
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. When we commit to helping you and promise you results, we deliver. In the rare event of us not achieving what we promised within the given timeframe, and as long as you’ve followed the recommendations we’ve provided, we’ll continue to work towards your goals at no extra cost to you. That’s our promise to every customer.

Nichole R.

Food Photography / Owner @ Cafe Gold Coast

Professional, super quick. Great Prices. $40 /dish. We were in urgent need for photos for our menu. They came in Thursday and we had our photos by Friday! We had our menu done with less than $500.


Owner @ Stausee-Haus.de

When you need to look outside of the box for fresh ideas, revamping or like in my case my holiday house business, Daniel and his team are the people that you go to! They were very knowledgeable and informative that I was able to breathe easily knowing we were in capable hands. Thank you for helping us !


GM @ EdelweissRestaurant.com.au

Very experienced. Highly recommend working with them. Daniel is very knowledgeable in this field and gives great advices. Thank you guys

Some free advice

Unmistakable signs of a lousy brand consultant

Nothing astonishes us more than seeing just how many lousy brand consultants are out there and how expensive their poor services are. So, here are some points that’ll help you to identify poor brand consultants before you throw your money at them.


The first warning sign of a poor consultant is a willingness to start working for you without meeting you or getting any data from you regarding things like target demographics. They need to know about your brand and who your customers are if they’re going to enhance the customer experience you offer. Don’t trust consultants who care more about their own experience than your business.


Another thing to look out for is when consultants try to sell you multiple approaches. This usually leads to a tangled up mess of strategies that make no real sense for your business. A good consultant works to find the strategy that works for you and your brand. All good brands have one message that’s delivered with clarity, so don’t let a bad consultant overcomplicate things for your customers.


If a consultant starts talking about brand reputations needing decades to grow or start talking about huge multinational corporations, you should get up and leave. Your business most likely doesn’t have needs or branding requirements similar to those of Apple or Microsoft. Taking a targeted customer perspective that’s unique to your company matters much more than any of that.

Hopefully, this free advice will help you avoid the industry’s bad apples and save some money in the process. And remember, cheap branding comes at a cost.

How Much Does it Cost?

We know that you want to see our prices, but every project is unique so it’s not easy to post trustworthy prices. The easiest way to get an idea is to contact us directly, but we often recommend the clarity consulting package. It costs $499 and it’ll give you a clear indication of what to do and you can even choose to use this in order to take the first steps by yourself. If you’re too busy for that, we’ll help you with the recommended tasks. Let’s get started and bring your brand to life.

What about logo design & social media?

A new logo and some photos for Instagram won’t be enough to change anything. It might make things look nicer, but you need a brand with purpose and clarity in order to boost profits. Haphazard social media posts are often nothing more than a waste of money. That’s not to say social media and logo design aren’t part of what we do, but we know that those things have to make sense for your business and its purpose.

Clarity Consultant $99

Do you feel like you’re trapped inside a bottle when you’re trying to read its label? That’s what it feels like when you need an extra pair of eyes and a new perspective to get back on the right track. We help you do that and allow you to understand the improvements you need to make in order to turn your business around and boost its profits.

The service includes
  • 30 min consultation in person, via Skype or email.

Let's have a chat.

We’re always ready to answer your burning questions and interact with you on social media. So if you want to grab our attention, that’s the quickest way to do so. You can find us on all major social media platforms and we make our best effort to respond to every comment, tag and message we see. So, let’s connect!

Hopefully, this free advice will help you avoid the industry’s bad apples and save some money in the process. And remember, cheap branding comes at a cost.

“Believe in what you do. Do it with all your heart.”

Head of Brand Development & Co founder

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